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Flying Dutchess Update

Howdy everyone, I thought I would give all my blog readers a sneak peak at some of the new The Flying Dutchess (TFD) content in the works.

The idea of having a “broom-craft carrier” is influenced by WW2 style aircraft carrier’s with planes that take-off and land. Instead of having the flying units (mid-ship mages) run off the deck, an opening door in the rear allows magick users to fly in and out as well as hippocampus (Greek: water horse) drawn boats/individual riders.

I have also been working on several aquatic scenes with ocean animals such as this seal, dolphins and turtles to name a few. Every magick user in the series has a naval dirk that they use to cast spells and a flying animal plus a land/water animal that fly on the end of their broom.

The first battle of the Anglo-Dutch war takes place near the Straits of Dover ( also called the Battle of Goodwin Sands). This is Dover Castle which is visible from this area. It has a magickal shield that protects it from attacks in the air and sea.

These images show off the new style of the series (it has gone through several different stylistic variations), which is an 8-bit/16-bit retro Game Boy Advance aesthetic. This image below is of Astrid casting a spell with her naval dirk, in the finalized look for the show.

Visit the for more content and updates along with the instagram account: @theflyingdutchessoffical

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Pershing Square Watercolors

I was blessed to move to Los Angeles last year at the end of September 2022. As many of the Old Masters once painted the buildings and sculptures in the parks and squares of cities they lived, I have endeavored to do so in reverence to them.

Title Guarantee and Trust Company Building – watercolor on paper, Oct. 2022

In an attempt to cure my insatiable love of Art Deco buildings, I visited Pershing Square. The Title & Trust building is an Art Deco gem situated off the square, named after prestigious WW1 General Pershing himself, mastermind of the Argonne Forest Campaign. In this watercolor, I did not do any underdrawing with pencil or pen and painted this with the brush from observation with no reference photographs. This process increases dexterity with the brush and better economy of line with each brush stroke.

View from Pershing Square Two – watercolor on paper, Oct. 2022

Pershing Square was redesigned by Ricardo Legorreta in the 1990s and these elegant, orange spheres feature prominently in the square vibrant new look.

A photograph of the Title Guarantee and Trust Building with Orange Sphere in foreground
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Ft. Worth Weekly ft. Fringe Gallery Exhibition May 2013

View the article online here:

“Urban Bull”- 2013, acrylic and wax on canvas
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Veteran’s Day Art Competition 2009

I found this from my Junior year of high school in 2009, was blessed to be the winner of this ‘Southlake Carroll Veteran’s Day Art Competition”

“Pledge to Lady Liberty” \\ 16 x 20 – acrylic on canvas, 2009

I was obliged to give a speech at the award ceremony during the ‘Veteran’s Day’ pep rally. I saluted and walked off the stage since I knew they would rather see the picture than hear me talking about it. Sometimes the frame can bring out a mood or more profound statement by monumentalizing the picture plane. I always have been drawn to the play of middle red and blue, like the colors of 3d glasses.

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Virgo de Irunbidea

Virgo de Irunbidea statue drawing from sketch book – April 2022, Spain
Photo of statue

Sept. ‘03 Newspaper feature

This is an old newspaper article with photo of my friend Travis, Kent and myself at Westlake Academy. I went half a semester in 6th grade before transferring to public school again with Southlake Carroll School District.

Bottom of Front Page – North East Tarrant Morning News on Sept, 3rd of 2003
Page 4 w/ photo feature
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Burgos Fountain Watercolor

Fountain in Front of the Burgos Cathedral – Watercolor on Watercolor Paper ( 7th of May 2022)