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Ottix Berry

New familiar for the Japanese character, Hoshy! This cute little guy is a white coated snow otter that is super curious and loves getting into things he shouldn’t. I made this rough walking sequence for him and he is named after one of my oldest friends, Alex Dutton – who’s social media name is “Addix”.


Most Fish News Article

This article is from when I was in Club Scouts, and won the award for most fish caught as a Bear Scout with 19 fish! The article was written circa August 2000, 23 years ago.

I was quick to throw each fish back into the lake. These little sunfish were eager to return to my presence. I was living in Trophy Club with my family in 3rd grade. The fishing contest was the same year I won the Pinewood Derby held by our Cub Scout Troop (#928 of the Long Horn Council), later representing us at the Texas State level race.


Highlights – Sketchbook Summer 2023

Happy Bastille Day everyone! Here are some highlights from my sketchbook this summer I would like to share:

Drawing of priest during Mass @ StElizabeth Ann Seton

Drawing of Altar @ St. Elizabeth

Hebrew Calligraphy Practice

Watercolor @ Pershing Square in Los Angeles of Beethoven Statue

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Dutchess Concept Video

Video post on the FB account that I made from screen video discussing the inspiration/concepts I was influnced by in making, The Flying Dutchess

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Pershing Square Watercolors

I was blessed to move to Los Angeles last year at the end of September 2022. As many of the Old Masters once painted the buildings and sculptures in the parks and squares of cities they lived, I have endeavored to do so in reverence to them.

Title Guarantee and Trust Company Building – watercolor on paper, Oct. 2022

In an attempt to cure my insatiable love of Art Deco buildings, I visited Pershing Square. The Title & Trust building is an Art Deco gem situated off the square, named after prestigious WW1 General Pershing himself, mastermind of the Argonne Forest Campaign. In this watercolor, I did not do any underdrawing with pencil or pen and painted this with the brush from observation with no reference photographs. This process increases dexterity with the brush and better economy of line with each brush stroke.

View from Pershing Square Two – watercolor on paper, Oct. 2022

Pershing Square was redesigned by Ricardo Legorreta in the 1990s and these elegant, orange spheres feature prominently in the square vibrant new look.

A photograph of the Title Guarantee and Trust Building with Orange Sphere in foreground
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Ft. Worth Weekly ft. Fringe Gallery Exhibition May 2013

View the article online here:

“Urban Bull”- 2013, acrylic and wax on canvas
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Zen Deco Bungalow Remodel

I recently finished remodeling my +650 sq. ft. bungalow with a new style I created called “Zen Deco”, which combines the art deco style of 1920s &30s with a Zen Shinto shrine aesthetic. These are a few preparation drawings and floor plans I drew during the project.

My artsist studio with final sealer/varnish on floors – Aug. 2022
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Some watercolors & drawings done in France this April, rendered from life

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Burgos Fountain Watercolor

Fountain in Front of the Burgos Cathedral – Watercolor on Watercolor Paper ( 7th of May 2022)